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Lightstock compact Quest3.jpg

Lightweight, compact and easy to use. Have more fun in VR shooter games

line up sights quickly in any game using the

Reload, use pistols and throw grenades with ease via magnetic break action


Full-size shoulder stock attachment available for Pinpoint accuracy

Adjustable Length and height to
match any weapon

Modular cropped.jpg

Additional future modules can unlock new features and customization options

 Assembly Instructions

The old "Fullstock" parts which has been discontinued.
All kits comes with the new "Lightstock" parts instead.

Lightstock Full Quest3.jpg

GunFace is made of 3D printed PLA+ plastic and lightweight carbon fiber tubes. The backside of the stock has rubber padding for bracing against the headset. The entire gunstock weighs only 0.75 lbs or 350g.

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