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  • What makes Danglers better than other pulley systems?
    Danglers has 3 main unique design features: the Horn, magnetic mounts, and the pulley system. The Horn routes the cable to the top your head, at an ideal location that minimizes cable tug from all angles. Danglers is the only cable system designed to be attached/detached quickly during use. Other system are designed for the cables/headset to be permenantly hanging from the ceiling/walls. The pulley design for Danglers creates a loop of cable slack directly over your head, while other systems do not have this loop. This loop allows for equal amount of pulley tension in any direction you move. Other pulley system have noticibly more tension in one direction.
  • Is Danglers safe to use?
    Yes, Danglers is designed to be very safe to use, as long as you use common sense and follow some safety guidelines: Danglers is not recommended for children under 13, as it contain small parts, and young children will likely not follow safety guidelines. Be careful when taking Danglers down so that the magnetic clips do no swing down and hit people, pets or your TV.
  • Will my 3rd party Link cable work with Danglers?
    Yes it will! The horn for Quest/Quest 2 is designed both for the official Oculus Link cable, as well as 3rd party Link cables with varying thickness. Most 3rd party cables should work as long as they are not too thick. If your link cable is thinner and too loose inside the horn, you can secure the cable with any tape at the top and bottom of the horn.
  • what if my cables are not long enough to set up Danglers?
    Depending on what headset you have you may need extension cables for your headset. Most headsets have a cable of around 16ft (4.85 meters) and should be long enough for most room-scale setups. For cable extensions, try 10ft versions of: HDMI, Displayport, USB 3.0, USB-C. Some headsets require USB + HDMI, while others require USB + DisplayPort. Quest headsets require USB-C.
  • What is the best height to set Danglers to?
    While the setup video recommendes setting danglers at a chair height, that is just for ease of access since everyone has a chair and they are all near the same height. You can actually set Danglers lower, even all the way to the floor if your ceiling is high enough to cover the extra cable slack and your headset cables are long enough! Its recommended to follow the setup video, then adjust the headset down and test how it feels.
  • Will the adhesives on the horn really allow the headset to Dangle?
    Yes, the adhesives used on the horn is "3M VHB 5952", industrial strength. It is recommeded to clean and dry the top of your headest with alcohol to remove grease before attaching the horn. Let the adhesives set for 24 hours before letting the headset dangle for best results. Keep in mind environmental factors such as sweat or moisture can reduce the strength of the adhesives over time so its best to keep your headset well-maintained. Its recommended to let your headset dangle for short periods of time such as breaks between sessions. prolonged dangling over long periods of time can cause the adhesives to weaken over time.
  • how much can i move around using Danglers?
    With an average 9ft (2.75 meters) ceiling, you can expect an 8ft diameter area of movement. lower ceilings would have less range of motion and higher ceilings can have wider range of motion. your range of motion also depends on how long your headest cables are and where in your room Danglers is set up. extension cables for your headset might be needed for high ceiling or if you are setting up far from your computer.
  • Does Danglers work for ANY headset?
    Danglers works for a wide range of headsets, take a look at the product page for specific supported headsets. when adding to cart, you will be prompted to select your specific headset.
  • Does Danglers come with a warrenty?
    All Products from Business Company VR comes with one year warrenty for partial or full replacements. view full details on the warrenty policy here:
  • Will the adhesives damage my ceiling?
    The adhesives used to attach the magnetic mounts to the ceiling is tested to be strong enough to hold the headset but light enough to be removable. To remove the mounts without peeling paint, it is recommeded to first spray a grease such as WD-40 under the adhesive, then carefully cut through the adhesive with a knife or scraper. Ability to remove the mounts cleanly depends heavily on user technique and ceiling type.
  • Will Danglers work on my type of ceiling?
    The adhesives on the magnetic mounts should work on most ceilings that are relatively smooth. The adhesives might not work on very rough surfaces such as popcorn ceilings. In case the adhesives does not work for your ceiling, the mounts can also be screwd in through the hole in the center.
  • How high can the magnetic grabber reach?
    The magnetic grabber can extend to 3ft (0.9 meter), so it should be: (your height) + (your forearm length) + 3ft. On average using the grabber you should be able to reach around 10ft (3 meters).
  • My ceiling is really High/Low, will Danglers still work for me?"
    Danglers is designed based on the average ceiling height of 9 feet (2.75 meter). Ceilings that are higher may need extension cables for your headset, ceilings that are lower will result in a smaller range of motion.
  • Does Danglers come in other colors?
    Currently Danglers comes in White/black to match your headset and most ceilings. More color options may become available in the future.
  • Can i buy the Horn or other parts seperately from the kit?
    Currently the parts are not sold individually as they are not very useful outside of the full kit. If you already own danglers but want additinal pieces for an additional headset, please email for a custom order.
  • will the Horn attachment damage my headset?
    The Horn attachment is designed to be non-destructive as it does not alter the original shape/design of your headset. The adhesives used on the horn is very strong but easily removable without causing any damage to the headest surface.
  • Can i prone using Danglers?
    Danglers can be set all the way to the floor for proneing if your ceiling is high enough to handle the extra amount of cable slack. you might need extension cables for your headset if the cables are not long enough.
  • What is the difference between the OverHang and UnderCut styles?
    There is no difference expect the aesthetics, whether you want to cover the Vive logo or not. Both are functionally the same and both are equally strong.
  • Why should i buy this adapter from you vs other sellers?
    while other FrankenQuest 2 adapter may work, they are often printed from a free 3D file by hobbyists so the fit is not a guarantee. Other sellers often print from a 3D design that is not very polished and print with settings that results in poor finish/polish. The FrankenQuest 2 adapter from BCVR is the first version on the market and the original design that some other kits are copied from.
  • how long does shipping take?
    Handling time for new orders are 2 days, and orders usually arrives within a week in the U.S. International orders can take 1-2 weeks.
  • Can i buy the files to print myself?
    Sorry, can't share the files as there is no telling where they might end up once in the wild.
  • What makes your FrankenQuest kit different than other seller's?
    while mine functions the same as other seller's, mine is unique in that its much slimmer and lighter than other versions. The reduced weight results in better comfort, and the minimalist aesthetics is very pleasing to most.
  • Are you the only one that makes a DAS adapter for Rift-S?
    Yes, no one else makes the FrankenRift adapter besides BCVR. FrankenRift is a great option for Individuals or even arcades that relies on using the Rift-S but want better comfort and audio.

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